Another Evangelistic Trip To Las Vegas


Another Trip to Las VegasFour people ventured to Freemont Street in Las Vegas October 6th to share the gospel in a fun way with the Intelligence Test. We had many conversations during the afternoon, starting with one of the security guards who took “the good person test” and admitted he was a guilty sinner, but not concerned about his fate since he didn’t believe in God. He was friendly and left us with a copy of the guidelines for setting up tables or tripods in public areas. That was helpful so we can be in compliance and still exercise free speech!

A young man with a Catholic background enjoyed the IQ test and was concerned when he realized he wasn’t good by God’s standards. When I asked if he had surrendered his life to Christ, he realized that being a Christian was more than being able to say the catechism and occasionally going to mass. He took our IQ Test gospel tract and agreed to think about it more.

An older gentleman took this opportunity to list all the ways he thought God had messed up Creation. He himself would never have made man able to sin. He would not have created angels that could fall. God was responsible for creating evil. God did a bad job designing our digestive systems, and on and on. We listened politely and put a thought in when he paused for breath, but mainly prayed that God would break through his blindness and help him see the Truth.

A Vietnam veteran stopped by, collecting money to replace his recently deceased service dog (we contributed a little along with a tract). He was a story and joke teller. He asked us, “What do you call a bear with no teeth?” Answer? “A gummy bear.”

 One man, an atheist, stayed a long time reading and guessing answers for both the front and back of the IQ Test banner (the back has riddles). He was disillusioned with Christianity after going to a Catholic military school where the nuns were cruel. He explored other religions but believes they all are designed to control people. We tried to point out that biblical Christianity is not like Catholicism, and urged him to look again at the life of Christ in the gospels.

Sometimes we are able to talk briefly with the nearby vendors or street performers, like the vendor across from us who was Jewish. Even the show girls are interested in the IQ Test, or gospel tracts that look like million dollar bills. We’ll go again in November – please pray for God to open hearts and minds to see Jesus clearly and turn to Him, renouncing their sin.